Startup SQL Backup plan for newbe

Hi there,

I have a client with multiple sql 2014 servers and he requested our help to set up backups for their production datebases.
I have been reading a lot and we finally decided to use the Full, Differential and Transaction log Plan for their servers. Now I have an additional task that removes bak files older than 4 weeks but i dont have one that takes care of the transactional log backups. Can I just set another cleaup task to remove TRN files older than 2 weeks or whaever and will the recover work fine?

On the other hand, for the Full, Diff, Transac Log type of backup is necessary that all databases that are being backed up have to be set on the recovery model as Full or Bulk-logged right? If the database is set as Simple on the recovery model then it will not take the transactional logs right?

Is there anything i am missing?
Thanks so much

You can set up a separate cleanup job to remove the old log backups. That would not interfere with anything else.

You cannot take log backups for databases in Simple recovery model.

How are you creating the backup jobs? One way that I find very easy to use is the maintenance wizard accessible from the SSMS object explorer, Management -> Maintenance plans, right-click, Maintenance plan wizard.

Alternatively, you can use some of the third party tools which are VERY good - e.g. Ola Hallegren's scripts or minion backup.