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Start the SQL service


I can not start the SQL service

the message is

ERROR 3417

Can you post the contents of the SQL Server error log?

You may have altered something in the folder where master and tempdb is residing. Check it

for graz, thanks

this is the message

Log Name: Application
Source: MSSQL AZURALZADB Date: 16/08/2016 10:16:30 Event ID: 9003 Task Category: Server Level: Error Keywords: Classic User: N / A Computer: Serveur.zamatech.local Description : The log scan number (259: 67: 1) passed to log analysis in the database 'master' is invalid. This may indicate that the data is damaged or that the log file (.ldf) does not match the data file (.mdf). If this error occurred during replication, re-create the publication. Otherwise, restore data from backup if the problem results in a failure during startup. XML Event: <Event xmlns = "http://schemas.microsoft.com/win/2004/08/events/event"> <System> <Provider Name = "MSSQL AZURALZADB" />
9003 </ EventID>
2 </ Level>
2 </ Task>
0x80000000000000 </ Keywords>

39468 </ EventRecordID>
Application </ channel>
Serveur.zamatech.local </ Computer>

</ System>

(259: 67: 1) </ Data>
master </ data>
</ EventData>
</ Event>

Is this a new install, or one that has been working fine before?

Are the files


present in the correct folder?

Did you copy those files over from somewhere else, rename them or delete them perhaps?

it was working properly before

antivirus software has been installed on the server

Slim chance that that is interfering with something. Best to exclude SQL Server's physical Data / Log files (or the folder they are in) just in case the Antivirus tries to process them (but they are no EXE file extensions so anti-virus may be ignoring them anyway).

so what's the problem