SSRS subscriptions not saving/certain reports not sending

Hey all!
I have this 1 specific SSRS report that i modified the subscription
on; It's scheduled to send once a day at 9PM. Every time i try modifying
the recipients, they revert back to the e-mail address for the person
that created the report...

It's only displaying that in SSRS, if i check the subscriptions in
the the ReportServer database, it shows the correct recipient list (
It's not showing those that are CC'ed though..). IT also says that on
the last run it sent to each of the recipients intended to be on the

I've tried modifying it a few times already, CC'ing myself on the
report but i haven't received the report once and the recipient list
keeps reverting back...I deleted the report and re-created it from
scratch but the same thing occurs.

We also have some reports that say it was sent on schedule to all the
recipients, but the e-mail never comes through...Looking through the
ExecutionLogStorage table it also seem to show that it was sent on