SSRS SQL 2014 SP2 and SQL 2014 SP1

I have a report that was developed by one of our developers and when moved to PROD it works fine in SSRS but it's being called by an app and being rendered by ReportViewer 10 and not working. There's no error, it just seems to time out and does nothing. It works find through the app in DEV though. I recently upgraded the DEV SQL Server with SSRS from SQL 2014 SP1 to SQL 2014 SP2. PROD is still SQL 2014 SP1. Would downloading the report from DEV (SQL 2014 SP2) and uploading it to PROD (SQL 2014 SP1) have any issues? It works fine in PROD in SSRS just not in the app that was developed and using ReportViewer 10.



couple of options

  1. uploading it into a different folder or
  2. download and rename it and then upload it

I guess I don't understand how that would help. The web app that's calling it is looking for it in a specific folder (in PROD though) and by a specific name. Basically it went from SQL 2014 SP2 SSRS (DEV) and downloaded/uploaded to SQL 2014 SP1 SSRS (PROD). It works fine in SSRS (PROD) but when called from the web app (in PROD), it doesn't come up. The web app is using ReportViewer 10 to render the report. I'm just wondering if the SP version being lower in PROD is causing an issue or if SP1/SP2 even does anything to SSRS.

Thanks for the replies folks. The developer wound up resolving the issue. It had to do with how the parameters were being passed in (hidden/internal) and such. So the different SPs in DEV/PROD didn't make a difference (which I'm glad of).