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Ssrs report not displaying report parameters


Until recently an ssrs 2008 report, displayed all the report parameters for the users to select how the reports execute.
Now the report parameters do not display. The reports execute with the automatic values. The ssrs reports have not changed within the last year.Thus can you tell me what you think I should look at?

Would the report server need some kind of an upgrade and/or possibly the ssrs reports? If so, what version would the report server need to be? Can you suggest what I should look at?


If you are referring to the SSRS report site (as opposed to embedded in your ASP.Net application for instance) I don't know of any changes in SSRS that would cause the reports that were displaying the parameters to no longer display those. If it is an embedded report, then whether the parameters are shown or not is controlled by the client application.

If the report is being viewed on the SSRS site, log on the report server, start IE in administrator mode, go to http://localhost/Reports. You should see the reports (or folders if the reports are in folders). Find the report, hover over the report name, and click the drop-down arrow seen on the right side. Select Manage. Select Parameters tab. And see what is checked (Hide, Prompt User etc.). If they are not what they should be, then change it appropriately, and investigate why they were changed.


The reports are embedded in a vb.net 2010 web form application by using a report viewer control. The reports are executed on a ssrs report server (manager)? Would this make a difference? If so, what difference would it make?



Go to the published report on the server -> Click drop down arrow on the right -> choose manage -> choose parameters on the left pane. Under the 'Has Default' column, should be checked.

Under 'Default Value' it is either a specific explicit input or it will 'Query based' meaning it derives its value from a dataset or similar manner. If this is different you can just change it here.

If it is query based and your data cannot be altered here then go BIDS and open up the SSRS under the solution and select 'Open Folder in Windows Explorer'. Select your report's DATA file and delete it.

Note this is a file similar to it 'report.rdl.data'. Go to your report's project and choose 'Clean' then 'Rebuild' to remove all the data files in the bin in addition to one you did explicitly.

It builds all the files from the instructions. Preview your report, verify with defaults. Publish and observe.

If still did not changed report, then updates are not taking. Rename the report 'report_old' and try to publish again.

If problem continues then we check the publish location we want is valid and we are deploying correctly and that any parameters are not getting data from shared datasets that are not set to 'do not overwrite' or weird edge cases resulting from publishing being halted due to config settings.

Generally this is fixed with a rebuild.


I will try what you just suggested. However can you tell me what this means "require a new binary file to be published.'?