SSRS Report Migration

I am working on a project that involves migrating a few reports from an old server to a new server. This would be in SSRS/BIDS 2008. Does anyone have any procedures or resources that covers this topic? I am not interested in any migration type of tools.

I used this method to migrate to new server

If you are just moving a few reports - and not everything from the old server to the new server, then the best option is to just deploy the report from your BIDS project to the new server.

If you are migrating everything - it would be easier to just perform a backup/restore of the report server databases. Once restored you have to apply the encryption key from the old server - but that is a simple part of the process.

If you do not want to take the time and effort of opening BIDS and redeploying - you can always go to the old report manager, select the report and download - then go to the new report manager and import the rdl file. However - this does not guarantee you have everything you need for that report.

If you are upgrading to a newer version of SSRS - I highly recommend opening the report in the new tool and upgrading it to that version, then deploying the upgraded version of the report.

Hi Jeff,

It sounds like my best option would be to deploy the report from my BIDS project to the new server. How would I get that started?

Thank you

I don't understand - you already have the project in BIDS then just update the destination information and deploy.

Ok, Thank you Jeff.