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SSRS report email send out

Hi I have made template changes in report in ssrs in visual studio.how to send out an email ?please let me know the step by step process.thanks in advance.please help

Wekxome. Do you have Sql reporting services installed somewhere? You could create subscriptions to send it from there is one way

Thank you for responding.

I will be more clear

I need to make template changes for a report in SSRS .
I used visual studio
I have done template changes
The folder saved is in my local machine

Now i need to send out an email .how to do that ? Could you please explain step by step . Thanks in advance.please help.

The rdl file can be uploaded at Reporting Services where you can add a subscription. You cannot send it with Visual Studio. You can click on preview and save it as a pdf file and mail it manual but when you want it to be send every monday at 9:00 you'll need Reporting Services. It's a kind of a special website on a resporting server.

E-Mail Delivery in Reporting Services - SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS) | Microsoft Docs

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Thank you for the quick reply.Do every organization has different schedule time set up when delivering email?I need to send the rdl to one of my co team worker.Do I need to use standard or data driven subscription?please help .Thanks in advance.

Send an rdl file or them have access to the report in the report services portal?

This is a report service portal


then you would use the Upload button to upload your rdl

Sorry for late reply. Issue has been resolved. Thank you so much everyone for quick reply .