SSRS Report does NOT Build and Run

Hi All,

I have created NEW SSRS report having code of 40000 lines. It is having 25 Line charts(and still needs to add 10+ charts).
When I try to Build or Run the report it fails.

Error During BUILD as follows -

Failed to build item 'ReportName.rdl'.
Build complete -- 0 errors, 101 warnings
========== Build: 0 succeeded or up-to-date, 1 failed, 0 skipped ==========

Error During RUN as follows -

"The report preview failed because the report could not be built. Read the errors, warnings and messages in the Error List window for specific build failures."

When I remove few charts and then both (Build or Run) work.

‌RAM is 12 GB and only 4GB is occupied.

Anyone knows how to resolve this ?

I'd suggest breaking up the charts into subreports, no more than 5 charts per, then create a master report that embeds those subreports. Apparently you're reaching some internal limit that SSRS cannot process or render as a single report.

Thanks Robert for reply. It seems like that but I could not found anywhere saying like that.

I am also thinking the same thing as you suggested but before that I want some suggestions.

I am NEW to SSRS. If possible can you please check from Expert Team? Thanks.

Issue is resolved. In one of the chart for Visibility expression was incorrect.

But I do not know why it was NOT throwing an Error.