SSRS Query failed for dataset


I have an SSRS report that was working perfectly. It has one data set and a text query within the data set. I made one change in the query to pull from a view and not a table from the same database that I am a DBO on and now the report throws the error - Query execution failed for dataset 'DataSet1'. (rsErrorExecutingCommand). Yet the query run perfect in query designer using the view.

If I change the query back to pull from the original table, then try to run, it throws the same error. If I close Report desinger totally without saving, then go back in and run the report, it works. Mind boggling. Maybe SQL security??

Does SSRS run with the permissions of the person that created the report, rather than the person running it?

If so did someone with more permissions than the current login you are using create the report originally?

Hopefully someone who actually understands SSRS will be along in a minute!