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SSRS Parameter for "everything but 1 value" help



Hi all - i have a report and a certain field is Operator Code. These are strings of 4 digits, 3 letters and 1 number such as JLL1, NPE1, GSA2 etc.....
I want to be able to add a parameter with 2 options, effectively 'JLL1' and 'everything but JLL1' i.e. those that are mutually exclusive to JLL1. The first parameter is easy with default value of ='JLL1' but the other is proving frustrating. Logically it should be <>'JLL1' but that does not work. Neither does =ISNOT'JLL1'.
Can anybody please help - this has taken up most of m working day - I am sure there is a simple solution!!!


I may be misunderstanding the issue but a suggestion would be to create a multi-select parameter for the Operator Codes to exclude rather than include. Then you can select multiple values that are excluded from the list. That works if you have control over the SQL you can use with the database. I am sure you could also wire up some kind of cascading parameters that are controlled in the manner in which you want. I am a big proponent of keeping things simple and thinking of it in terms of excluded codes may be easier.


Thanks James, it's an idea, so I could get users to Select All and then uncheck JLL1 ... neat.
I am also a fan of keeping it simple - that's why I wanted <>JLL1 to work :slight_smile: