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Ssrs page breaks are not working correctly


In a new ssrs 2008 report, I have one main tablix and will eventually have 18 embedded tablixes. Each embedded tablix represents a unique report that the user can select to have generated.

There will only be one dataset used. This dataset will contain all the columns for all the reports. The first column of the dataset will be report number that is used to distinguish what report in the dataset the datarow is is to be used for. The rows in the dataset will be generated for the report numbers that the user has selected. All the rows in the dataset will be aded to a temp table. This way after all the applicable rows have been generated, only one select statement will need to be used.

The problem that is occurring is a few of the reports are not appearing on their own unique pages. I have set the page break before, page break after and that does not work in all cases. The reports that are having a problem are ones where the detail lines vary based upon the data that is selected. These 'problem' reports each four groupings setup. The reports that have groupings may have a small amount of data to display or they may have a large amount of data to display. Thus the reports vary depending upon the volumne of data that is displayed.

Thus can you tell me and/or point me to url(s) that will tell me how to solve this issue?


IIRC you have to live with it or post-process your reports in Word or Excel or Acrobat e.g.


You can fix the issue using List -component instead of Tablix in the main report. Grouped the List with DataSet property and added one tablix for invoice header -subreport and one tablix below for invoice detail -subreport, both in the same List element (row). For the both tablix properties I set: "Add page break after" and "Keep together on one page if possible".

The Width of the main report content & the subreport content does not overflow the page size (A4) and that solved my problem.


Thank you for your answer! However I have the following items to mention:

  1. I am not using any sub reports.
  2. I have one main tablix and I embed several tablixes into the main tablix.
  3. Thus are you saying that I should start again and not have a main tablix? I should use a list component instead?
    Then I will get rid of the problem?