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Ssrs page break issue between embedded tablixes


In a new ssrs 2008 report, I am having page break problems with the following two reports that I listed below. Right now I have a main Tablix and I have embedded 5 tablixes within the main Tablix. Each embedded Tablix represents a report the user can select to have generated. Each embedded Tablix has the break on page after set. The first 3 tablixes do not have a problem since there are no control items that have been setup. The 2 tablixes listed below do have page break problems probably due to the control breaks. The group of reports that a user can select on is only by peronID.
The 2 reports listed below do not have the same control breaks except for personID. I cannot predict when the page break will occur since the amount of data per student can change. For example ‘A school report’ listed below can have one to 25 occurences of data to display. The attendance detail can have up to 365 lines of data to display.
Thus I would like to know what you suggest that I can do to solve the problem? Is there a way I can count line numbers? Should I place page break logic on control groups?
Would you let me know what I can do to solve the problem?