Ssrs not want final page break

In a new SSRS 2008 report, I have one main tablix and I will be embedding 5 existing tablixes into the one main tablix. For each row in the main tablix, I will be embedding 1 of the tablixes. There will be one dataset used and the same parameters are used between the 5 existing embedded tablixes. One of the parameters is to allow the user to select report number 1,2,3,4, or 5 which is an integer value. The default will be to select all the reports.

The selection of which reports will be displayed will be from the main tablix on row visibility for each embedded tablix. Each tablix will be set to 'add a page break after'. This works fine except the last page of the last report will always have a final blank page. I basically do not want that final page break to appear.

Thus is there a way to not have the final page break show up? Could I use some kind of condtional page break logic? If there some kind of a way to determine what the highest number report is that is selected and not allow a final page break to occur in that situation. If so, how would you setup that code?

If not, can you tell me a way that will solve this issue and show me the code, show me the screen prints, and or point me to link(s) that will tell me how to solve this problem?