SSRS menu format

I am trying to get my SSRS folders in the SharePoint format so that I can see the settings to add users and update security. When I use IE to go to my reporting folder I get the first format on the attached pdf. I want it to look like the second format on the pdf.
When I open my report server the format is depicted at the top of the jpg file. I would like it to look like the format depicted at the bottom of the jpg.

The first image shows you connecting to ../ReportServer and the second one is connecting to ../Reports.

The ../Reports site is the one you want - so just make sure that is the one you are using.

Those screen shots are from different servers. I am trying to get the server in the first screen shot to display SSRS in the format of the second screen shot.

Both of the pictures are reference localhost - so how are they accessing separate server?

Either way...the site being access is either .../Reports or .../ReportServer - and accessing .../Reports will get you the Report Manager and accessing .../ReportServer gets you the file display.




How are you getting to the site? Is it a shortcut on the desktop - a link in your favorites - or are you typing in the address?