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SSRS- How to default all jobs to be ran as BUILTIN\Administrators


I'm receiving the following error when I run any of my reports: 'Failure sending mail: The report server has encountered a configuration error. Mail will not be resent.'

When I use the following query, I noticed that all of my subscriptions for a report was being ran by the user's id. But when I updated the username to 'BUILTIN\Administrators'. and reran it worked.

So this is telling me that if anyone creates a report, it's going to run as their username and not 'BUILTIN\Administrator'. How can I default all reports to be ran as 'BUILTIN\Administrators'?


you forgot to post the query. but generally it's how you configure the data source in Report Manager. You should select an account set up on the server for SSRS reports



USE ReportsServer

,e.name AS ReportName
,e.path AS ReportPath
dbo.Subscriptions d
dbo.Users AS u ON d.ownerid = u.UserID
dbo.Catalog e ON itemid = report_oid


OK -- how the report is run and the id used to connect to the database are two different things. Tell me, is Database mail configured?


Yeah it's setup


It's setup and being used by all my jobs I have setup in SQL Agent