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SSRS hide #error

I am trying to hide #ERROR in a matrix report with the following SSRS expression

=IIF(IsNothing(Fields!Datum.Value),"",DateTime.Parse(Fields!Datum.Value)), but I still get errors. I am using a SQLITE database and therefore I am using parsing, otherwise ssrs sees the date as a string.


Since the field is a string - then it can be in almost any format. If there is a value that cannot be converted it will fail and you will get that error.

If possible, you need to correct the output in SQLITE so it is a consistent format and a valid date string. Since you are not specifying the culture...it could be sending in US format but expecting British...which will fail unless you specify the culture.

To be safe - you should have the date string formatted as YYYYMMDD or YYYY-MM-DD.

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Thank you Jeff.