SSRS - Do interval settings supercede maximum settings in setting Y axis intervals/maximums? And Minimum Intervals

  1. So, I have expressions that control the Y axis maximums and interval settings thusly:

Max Y Axis: =iif(Max(Fields!RATE_PHASE2.Value)+.1 >100, 100, Max(Fields!RATE_PHASE2.Value)+.1)

Interval Y Axis: =round(Max(Fields!RATE_PHASE2.Value)/.08)/100

So, there is a project where the maximum rate is > 100% which would normally mean that the Y axis maximum should be 100%, however, the interval is calculated at 12% and in the division, the closest to 100% is 96%, but per the division requires 1 more interval - which pushes it to 108%.

So, 108% is what shows as the Y axis maximum. Is this normal, that if the division requires intervals which go above 100%, but the Y axis maximum is set at 100%, the interval will supercede that max setting?

  1. I have a project whose maximum rate is 4.4%, since (per above interval calc), the calc for the interval is divided by .08, this means the interval should be at .0055%. However, when the report is run the interval shows 1%. So, is the minimum interval 1%?

Thanks for any and all help!