SSRS 2019 configuration with SQL server 2014

I have Microsoft SQL Server 2014 Developer Edition(SP3) and in Application i Installed SSRS 2019 Enterprose edition. Is it compatable?

It's likely that the SSRS databases will function on a SQL 2014 instance, however, SSRS requires a paid SQL Server license if you are going to use it for production. That is NOT compatible with using Developer Edition to host the databases, and you need to purchase a license.

FYI SSRS does not require Enterprise Edition, just a paid license edition (Standard will work, Web Edition may also work, but Web Edition has specific license terms)

Just a quick note - there are Enterprise features in SSRS that do require an Enterprise license. If you need those features then it does require an Enterprise license on all machines running SSRS.

For example, if you need to data-driven subscriptions or you need a scale-out solution then you can only do that with Enterprise Edition licenses.

Don't forget - if you host the databases on Server A (any valid license) but host the reporting services on a separate machine, that separate machine needs to be licensed. You can build a 'web' server to host the reporting services service as a minimal system (4 vCPUs - 8GB memory) and only purchase 2 2-pack Enterprise Licenses for that system and host the databases on your Standard Edition instance (for example).

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