SSRS 2016 installation on a already existing cluster

HI gurus

I am very new to SQL , so go easy on me and any help is very much appreciated.

I need to deploy SSRS 2016 on an existing cluster.

  1. is there a doc with step by step on how to do this.
  2. heads ups that I should be looking for when doing this
  3. but more important Step by step how to insatll and what to look for so I dont break the crap out of the cluster

Thanks a bunchhhhh

I would not install SSRS in a cluster - it isn't cluster aware and isn't a straight-forward installation. Here is a start:

It will also depend on the type of cluster - if it is an AlwaysOn cluster then there are additional items you need to consider for the databases but that does not address the reporting services/web services.

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as Jeff said, dont. Install a dedicated BI related server . This is what we did.


Thanks a bunch for the heads up , real appreciate it, what is the draw back of trying to install SSRS on a cluster beside not being cluster friendly and not moving over during failover


do you mind expand a little bit on your deployment of the BI server with SSRS, is just a SQL server and SSRS on it?

Yep exactly. But, its up to you how you want to setup what I term BI server. It could be dedicated SSIS SSAS SSRS MDS Services. PowerBi can also be setup on that server. A datawarehoise on it for reporting which feeds your reports.

This way you segregate your day to day oltp data for apps from reporting and BI.
you might pay the price by having OLTP and OLAP stuff running on same server