SSRS 2014 & IIS Installation

I read that as of SSRS 2008, IIS is no longer needed to publish reports to an entire company.

We have SSRS 2016 but for some reason, I cannot access it from our corporate domain. When logged into the server remotely, the report dashboard/home page comes up and all is working fine. But just can't get to that home page from our corporate domain. We can also reach the database too.

SSRS 2016 does not utilize IIS - it contains its own web server. You need to review how it has been configured and whether or not it was configured using the default port or custom port - or even configured for SSL.

If you are attempting to access using a link like http://servername/ that will not work. You need to specify either the Report Manager (http://servername/Reports) or the Report Server (http://servername/ReportServer).

Hi Jeff,

Thanks for the confirmation on that it does not utilize IIS.

Yes, I have tried both but neither worked, locally, yes.

"You need to specify either the Report Manager (http://servername/Reports) or the Report Server (http://servername/ReportServer)."

I think I am missing the SSL and Service Account part. I am reading up on how to create a SSL.

You don't have to implement SSL - if you don't have an SSL certificate and SSRS was not configured for SSL.

If you can access the site while RDP'd to the server using http://servername/Reports - then it should work from any workstation on the domain. If it does not work - can you ping the server or do you need to enter the FQDN?

Can you access it via ip.add.ress using a browser?

Jeff, Yes, when I Remote Desktop Connection into the server, I can get to it by http://servername/Reports. I can also ping it from other workstations. But I still cannot get access http://servername/Reports from other workstations.

Maybe I should mention this too. One of our other Reporting Servers (I think SQL Server 2012) was hosted with IIS. That one has SSL and it has been working.

Yosiasz, I tried the IP address in this format on other workstations: http://IP Address/Reports

Still can't access it.

Maybe I need to turn on something on this new reporting server?

Yeah, just to confirm and I have just tried again, when I Remote Desktop Connection into the server, both of the following work.


But from other workstations, not working

[quote="jeffw8713, post:4, topic:14169"]
[/quote]I read something about this and SPN while I was researching on setting up Window Authentication security access for SSRS, with setup Kerberos, not NTLM.

I am not sure what they exactly are at the current moment.

You should not have to do anything additional to setup/configure SSRS for Windows Authentication. That is the default configuration and you only need to make changes if you want to enable custom authentication.

If you made changes - then you need to review those changes and figure out whether those are blocking access or not.

Jeff, I think it may not be related to the SSRS configuration according to your last message. I think it is more likely on a server level of exposing it to the corporate domain. I am researching on SPN and FQDN right now.