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Ssrs 2012 warning 1 issue


In an existing ssrs 2010 report, I am getting the following error message,

"Warning 1 [rsParseErrorInvalidSize] Near character position 646 in the input string, the value of the font-size property for the textrun ‘stringtemplate3.Paragraphs[0].TextRuns[0]’ is “14px”, which is not a valid size. Valid sizes may not exceed 455 inches (1155.7 centimeters). ".

To be able to determine where the problem lies can you tell me:

  1. how to tell where position 646 is in the input string?
  2. I have removed anything in the input string that refers to 14px and I have looked at the rdl and I can not find any reference to 14px.I am still getting the error message. Thus can you tell me what to look at to determine where the problem lies?