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Ssrs 2012 report server issue

I am getting an export to pdf and word difference when an ssrs 2010 report is used in the production 2012 report server versus the test 2012 report server. Basically on the test report server, the everything is printing on one page as expected. However on the production report server, everything is printing on 2 pages instead of 1 page.

Thus can you tell me what I should look at on the report server taht could be different?

Start by comparing how the page margins are being set.

Are you saying how the page margins are set in the report (rdl) and/or on the report servers? If you are referring to the report servers, how do you check those values?

I am asking this question since I am the report writer and I do not work on the report servers that job is setup by someone else.

Also since I am not the person who takes care of the report servers what other items should the person who takes care of the report servers look at?

It's been awhile since SSRS was a major part of my life... but I seem to recall two places to set margins. Both accessible from SSDT/VS.
Right click on an empty section to access the report level properties and check the margins there then I seem to recall page margin properties in the Properties panel as well.

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This did not work. Can you tell me what else to try?

It's definitely, a page size issue... Set the margins as narrowly as you printer will allow, make sure all objects (including the report body itself), fit within the margins. Also check the layout orientation. If you went from landscape to portrait (r vise versa), that could be the issue as well.

One thing to make sure you have a report that will print correctly is to insure the palette does not exceed the allowable size. If you set the margin size to 1" (default) and the report is setup as portrait - your pallet cannot exceed 6" or it will print on multiple pages.

Turn on the Ruler and insure the palette does not exceed the page size minus the left and right margin size. You can always set the palette size by clicking on the designer and setting the width to the maximum allowable.

As a general rule - I always set the margins to .25 for all (left/right/top/bottom) - then before I start adding anything I set the palette to 10.5 inches (landscape mode - 11 inches, minus .50 (left/right).