Ssrs 2012 report rendering extra blank line issue

In an SSRS 2008 R2 report that is running on a ssrs 2012 report sever, I am having problems problems between the test and production report servers. The test 2012 report server is version test #11.0.2100.60 and the selected report are running fine. Now in production there is a problem and the 2012 report server is on version # 11.0.6251.0. The problem with production is that there are extra blank lines in the report and the report goes to 2 pages instead of everything being on 1 page. Basically each page of the report is a letter sent out to parents of kids at school.

I would like the production letters to all be produced on one page.

I know the problem is not the PDF export and/or the Word export since I can see the extra lines being genrated when the report is running.

The two servers are attached to different printers.

To determine what the problem is on the report server, I have the following questions to ask you:

  1. Is there some kind of a difference on the report servers between the different the versions #11.0.2100.60 to # 11.0.6251.0 that can cause this type of an issue? If so, what can I do to try to fix the problem?
  2. The problem could be how the html is rendered between the 2 report servers. What should I look at to know how the html renders differently between the 2 servers?
  3. The problem could could be how Reporting Services in SQL Server Data Tools (SSDT) is rendered between the 2 servers.
  4. The problem could be a print driver.
  5. What else do you think could be causing the problem?

Thus could you tell me and/or point me to a link that will tell me how to solve this issue? If not, could you suggest phrases I could use in a google search to see how to solve the problem for the html rendering and/or the print driver?

As was stated in the other thread you opened on this issue - the problem is almost certainly an issue with the page size and margin settings. I have moved reports from 2005 to 2008 R2 to 2012 and finally on 2016 and none of the reports have an issue with extra pages.

The only time I have had issues like this is when the palette was larger than the allowable page size minus the margins. For a portrait report that is 8 inches minus 1 inch for the left and right as default. Change the margin sizes to .25 and you then can have a palette size of 7.5 inches. For landscape reports - the width is 11 inches minus the margins...

The most likely reason for this causing issues between different SSRS servers is the actual printer (and driver) being selected. One driver allows the 'extra' length to be truncated and the other driver doesn't...but either way make sure you have the margins and report palette set correctly and you won't have these issues.

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Here are the calculations of the report:

  1. report body
    a. is portrait orientation,
    b. the width is 8.5 incles and the height is 11 inches,
    c. Left and right margins are 0.5 inches,
    c. Top and bottom margins are .25 inches.
  2. The only ssrs item on the report(tablix) is
    7 inches wide and height=0.96083 inches.
  3. Report body is 7 inches wide and height=0.99208 inches.

Thus what is wrong with the above? Does the width need to add up to exactly 8.5 inches?

When you say the Report Body - are you referring to the full palette? That is the area in the designer where you can place objects? If that is the case and the Report Body is exactly 7.0 inches and not 7.01 (or higher) then everything should fit on a single page.

In the properties windows for the Report Body - check the actual width and insure it is not > 7.0 inches. If you go just on the Ruler value you may have it just a bit larger.

There is nothing that I am aware of that would cause one server to print extra pages and another server to not...although there could be a bug in versions. I would definitely push to have the test server upgraded to meet the same patch level as production...

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