Ssrs 2012 display bullet

In an ssrs 2012 report, I need to place bullet dot marks on several lines. The
dot looks like the following: • .
Thus can you tell me on to setup this representation in the SSRS report? There is
probably some kind of a character representation that I need to use.

Depending on how you want to approach it - you can embed an image or use Wingdings font.

I have the value bullet as the value in the expression. I did use wingding font regular and wingding 2 and 3 and the dot bullet did not show up Would you tell why else I can try?

When using Wingding fonts - you don't specify the value as 'bullet'. You set the value to a normal value - in this case the lowercase L will give you a normal round bullet.

You can then adjust the size of the 'bullet' by increasing/decreasing the font size.