Ssrs 2012 display a background image

On a new ssrs 2012 report, I am told by the print shop that they cannot put a background image on paper before the ssrs report is executed.
I am also told that I need to place 'standard wording' on the back side of the paer,
They want me to place a background image on the paper. They also want me to then display student infromation on top of that back ground image.

Thus I am trying to determine how to accomplish this request.

If there some kind of picture image that I can place on the paer as the student information is printed? If so, what format would that
picture image be in like jpeg?

If that is not possible, would I need to have 1 ssrs written to just place the background image on the paper and another ssrs report to actually place
the student information on the paper?

Also for the 'standard wording' that needs to appear on the back side of the paper would I need a third ssrs 2012 report?

Thus can you tell me how to meet the requirements that I have?

For including a background image, go to the Body properties of the report and select the image and other properties of the image you want - see image below. More info here.

As for printing additional info on the backside of the paper, you have to design the report so that odd pages have the additional info. When printing, it has to be printed as two-sided.


Thank you for your answer so far!

I have the additional questions/comments:

  1. I need to print 10 student activity cards per page, There will be 2 columns with 5 rows on each 8 1/2 by 11 sheet of paper. On each of the 10 student activity cards, I need to print the same standard header and background image on the front side. I need to also need to print the same message on the back side of each activity card.
  2. Thus can you tell me and/or shoe me how to accomplish this goal?