Ssrs 2012 date formatting

In an ssrs 2012, I would like date to change a date to be in a specific format without changing the stored procedure that obtains the sql server date. This is due to the fact the stored procedure is extremely complex and I do not want to change it unless I absolutely have to.

Basically I would like the following:

  1. if the the date is in a basic datetime format, I would like
    a date like 06/03/2019 to look like Monday, June 3, 2019 for the English formatting.
  2. For a Spanish version of the date is 6/3/2019, I would like the Spanish version of the date to be in the same format.

Thus would you show me the sql on how to accomplish this goal?

What determines the target idioma

what do you mean?

What determines the target language

If the column being returned is in a datetime format - and not converted to a string - then you can format the date column in SSRS using one of the regional formats.

The regional format will display the data based on the users regional settings on their PC.

How would I know what the regional settings are? How can you check for regional settings?

Ok that burden of proof lies with you. Explain to us the scenarios of the different personas using the report. Is it same data for all regions or does each region have their own set of data. Please fill in the gap