Ssrs 2012 data driven subscription

On a ssrs 2012 report server, I want to setup a data driven subscription where the results are emailed to various users. I would like to send the email messages to the various users by running a t-sql 2012 script and not actually generating an ssrs 2012 report. The email message will either contian the information that is incorrect and/or an attached excel spreadsheet will display the information that is not correct. The email messages will be sent to each person that is associated with the unique school.

Is this possible? If so, would you show me how to setup the data driven email messages by using t-sql 2012 only with code and/or links to refer to?

If this is not possible, would you tell me how to setup the ssrs 2012 report where a datadriven subscription is used and the report is emailed to the applicable user?

Have a look at this,it sends an HTML report as email body.

Are you showing me this option in case I want to use it? Is this a better option than a data driven subscription? Also I need to send out email messages to unique school support staff. Each person is only suppose to see the data they are uniquely setup to work with.

What option would better meet this requirement and would you tell me and/or point me to links that will tell me how to accomplish that goal?

One thing that come to my mind is that, you can use the script provided in the above link and use it inside a SQL agent job and then schedule the job as per your requirement.Based on the different distribution lists that you have you can have separate job for each distribution list.

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