Ssrs 2010 date parameter format with only a date and no time

In an existing ssrs 2010 report I have a parameter called startDate where the data type is set to Date/Time.
The defualt value is currently set to =Today().

However I would like to change the default parameter value to be =Format(), "dd MMM yyyy") and this does not work.

I get the error message "The property 'DefaultValue: of report parameter 'StartDate' doenn't have the expected type.

Basically I would like to have the default value not show the time. I only want the date to show.

I want to make this change since the datepicker active x control does not work in Microsoft Edge browswer. The date picker parameter
does show in the Firefox browser.

Since my company wants everyone to use the Microsoft Edge browser, I would like to know what I can do to make only the date display. This may cause the
date picker icon to show up in the ssrs 2010 report.

Can you try this in the default value

=cdate(format(DateAdd("d", -61, now),"dd/MM/yyyy"))

This is a known issues with SSRS 2012 (note: there is no 2010 version of SSRS - you are probably using Visual Studio 2010).

The fix for this issue is to upgrade to SSRS 2016 which supports the Microsoft Edge browser (among others) or to train your users to use IE on Windows 10 (non Enterprise Editions).

The only other options are to not use the date picker and instead have the user enter the dates manually.

Can you explain what the ssrs statement does below?
=cdate(format(DateAdd("d", -61, now),"dd/MM/yyyy"))

What is the -61 for?