Ssrs 2008 using t-sql

Can an SSRS 2008 report update a row in a sql server table?

I am asking this question since I currently have a 2010 program that writes rows to a history table that is accessed by an ssrs 2008 report. If I could update the sql server table in the ssrs 2008 report, my project change would be a lot easier. The row in the sql server table that would be updated is defined as varchar(max).

Thus can you tell if an ssrs 2008 report can update the varchar(max) column in a sql server 2008 table? If so, can you tell me how to accomplish this goal? If this is not possible, can you tell me another way to accomplish my goal using t-sql and not changing the application?

SSRS cannot write to a table. You can write a stored procedure for the report and part of the procedure is to write to a table before returning the data to your SSRS report. That way you write to the table and get data back. Be careful doing that with locking, transactions, and the reports being called frequently.

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