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Ssrs 2008 use parameter value to work with row visibility


In an ssrs 2008 report, I would like to add logic that looks the following for determining if a row is visible are not.

The logic is the following =iif(Fields!MILESTONE_CODE.Value = "015", false, true)

However I would like to expand this logic out for a user to be able to select one or multiple milestone values based upon a parameter to be setup called pmilestone.

The milestone values will look like:
"005" for 5 days,
"010" for 10 days,
"015" for 15 days, and
"020" for 20 days.

Thus could you show me the ssrs code that will accomplish the row visibility logic I am looking for? In addition, would you show me how to setup the corresponding parameter logic so the row visibility logic will work?


I believe you would use

=iif(Fields!MILESTONE_CODE.Value = Parameters!YourParameterNameHere.Value, false, true)

You would add new parameter, set it to TEXT, and in the available values you would type in the breakdowns like you want -