Ssrs 2008 sql authenication

I want to ask the following about sql server authentication on an SSRS 2008 report:

  1. When the ssrs 2008 report is running, can sql server authentication be used for 'groups' of users? If so, would you show me how to setup these groups of users?

  2. Also can there be individual user access within a group of users? For example if the 'group' is setup for 'Company X', can individual access be setup for each individual user within the group? Basically I would want each user to only have access to certain 'portions' of the reports? Would you show me the code and/or point me to links (urls) that will tell me how to accomplish this goal?

ReportManager has full support for access controls, both at the AD Group level and the individual userid level.

Would you tell me and/or point me to links (urls) on how to use report manager to access authentication at the individual userid level?

just google "sql server report manager" and you'll get tons of links. This is near the top:

How to: Start Report Manager - TechNet - Microsoft

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