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Ssrs 2008 sort data based upon parameter value


In an existing ssrs 2008 report, I have added a few new columns to the existing report as requested by the user. In addition, the user wants to be able to sort the data on any column on the report by using a sort parameter value.
The data does not contain any summary values. The columns in the report include:
a. student number,
b. student name,
c. birth date,
d. age,
e. current grade level,
d. attendance code value.

The default value is to sort by student name alphabetically. Whatever field is to be sorted first, the student name will be the second.

I have tried to sort the data at the tablix level and the row group level and the logic has not worked yet. There is no row group setup right now.

Thus could you show me how to setup the sort by using the parameter value? Would you show how the ssrs report needs to look for me to accomplish this goal and/or point me to link(s) that will show me how to accomplish this goal?


have a look at this