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Ssrs 2008 report link back to original ssrs 2008 report

In an existing ssrs 2008 report, there currently is a link that the user can click on and be forwarded to a report that
contains more detail about the record that is selected. Now the user wants to be able to return to the original ssrs 2008 report that they started with showing all the same exact data. The orginal report contains more rows since the record selected is contained within an original group by school (school is a parameter on the original report).

Thus can you tell me and/or show me how to accomplish my goal?

I have always used a variation on what I found from a great link. If you have to dynamically determine the level it may take more work but it gives you a good start.

Drill Down Breadcrumbs

These are not drilldown or subreports. There are independent reports that are executed if the user clicks on a link,

Well the same concept should apply but perhaps with a few small tweaks. If you are calling different reports, you can pass in a parameter to the called report that has the calling report. Then, you can set an action link to that parameter value to get back to the calling report.

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hi, could any one explain me what is meant by action link functionality. I want to create like this.

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