Ssrs 2008 r2 report has problems with parameter used for control breaks

I am trying to use an existing page break parameter in a new tablix that I added to an exisitng ssrs 2008 r2 report.
I am trying to use the link so I can use the disabled property of the page break option on
on the new tablix by using a parameter value that is 'text' and the parameter values are either 'True' or 'False'.

The new tablix that I am using has 5 level of row groups.

The problem is I do not see a 'group' property where I can set the control group name.

When I do set the pagebreak of the tablix I am working with to the following, =IIF(Parameters!PageBreak.Value="True",false,true), and run the page break parameter to
true, I do get the page breaks. However when I set the page break parameter to false, all I see is information for one control group. I am basically missing all the informatiuon I

Thus can you tell me and/or show me what I can do to solve my problem?

got an answer.