Ssrs 2008 r2 page break not wanted

In an ssrs 2008 r2 report, a final page break occurs even though there is not any more data rows to work with. The final page
break occurs since I am using the disable property on a 'group level' page break. The group logic is
"=IIF(Fields!items.Value like "GENERATE_END",False,true)"
Thus can you tell me and/or point me to a link that will show me how to hide (or not genrate) a blank page where there
is no applicable data?

The disable property should be returning a True if you wish to disable. So, instead of providing an IIF, just use

=Fields!Items.Value = "GENERATE_END" (use that if you want it disabled if the GENERATE_END is the value.


use this if it is supposed to disable if it is anything but GENERATE_END

=Fields!Items.Value <> "GENERATE_END"

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