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Ssrs 2008 place a conditional on a rectangle

In an existing ssrs report 2008, there is currently one letter being generated. Now the user wants 2 to 3 letters to be placed in the same file so they would print one right after the other. The only difference would be the address of the customer. I want to be able to have a page break between each letter. The data for the report is obtained from a varchar(max) column where the data is actually html. Data for all 3 letters would be contained within the one column called col1.

What I would like to do is have a conditional statement on a rectangle so the page break occurs where I would want it to. I would like the conditional statement to look for a literal somewhere within the field called col1 and have the page break occur after that point. The conditional statement would look for a literal like ' '.

Thus can you tell me if this is possible or not? If so, would you show me how to setup the code? If this is not possible, would you tell me if there are any other alternatives and what I can do for the alternative to occur?