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Ssrs 2008 parameters


In an existing SSRS 2008 report, I am adding a new tablix and a new dataset to the rdl. This new report has more parameters than the original report uses. When the new version of the rdl runs, the user will be able to pick what report they want to run. When the new report runs, there are 5 more report parameters than in the original rdl.

Thus can you tell me if there is a way for the 5 additional parameters to only show up, then the new report (tablix) is used? If so, can you tell me how to show those parameters only when that new report is executed? If not, can you tell me what I suggest to the user to they can let these 5 parameters are only used for this new report?


Unless something has changes in the most resent releases, The parameter "hidden" options can't be toggled pragmatically... Certainly not an option in 2008...

That said, depending on the required layout, and how you could build an entirely new report for the new tablix and data set and then simply add the existing report to the new one as a sub-report.

Just a thought...


How about if I made the ssrs a newer version of the report like ssrs 2008 r2 or, ssrs 2014, etc? Would any of these options make a difference? If so, what version of ssrs reports would I use and can you point me to a link that would show how optionally hide or display parameters values?


VS 2012 was the latest version that I used every day to the extent that I could talk about with real confidence. You should be able to download the latest SSDT (SQL Server Data Tools) and see if they added new expression driven options to the "Hidden" property of the parameters window.

Just keep in mind, You won't be able to publish to the Report Server w/o upgrading SQL Server... Report Servers are backward compatible but the RDL files aren't.