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Ssrs 2008 margins on embedded reports


In a new ssrs 2008 report, I have 6 tablixes embedded within 1 main tablix as a requirement for the project. I am told that all the embedded reports (separate tablixes) are to have all the margins set to .02 inches. If a report needs to have other margins like left and right set to .05 inches and the top and bottom margins set to 1 inch each, I should have that setup in each individual embedded tablix.

This sounds that I should be able to accomplish this, but each embedded tablix that I want to set the margins to a higher values I can not find a way to do that. I have tried to use the padding option on each embedded tablix and that does not work. Each embedded tablix has the report properties that are set for the entire rdl.

Thus can you tell me how to change the margins of the embedded reports to meet the requirements I have setup? If this is not possible, would you let me know and possibly why I can not change the margins on selected embedded reports?


I believe you would use subreports to get the margins you require because tablix controls are not reports. They are a control inside a report so they don't have independent margins.


The margin property applies on whole report rather than individual report item. The tablix embed in the main tablix will always automatically adjust its size to fit the width and height of the cell that contain it. There is not OOTB feature to set up the margins for a separate report item. It is not supported to customize the margin between the cell edge and embedded tablix currently.

Please move on this to know more about the "How to Setup the Margin" https://support.office.com/en-us/article/Modify-edit-or-change-a-report-2837aea7-0ee5-4c81-9f0f-5cf324c2c3bd