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Ssrs 2008 logo

In an existing ssrs 2008, I am going to add an image (logo) to the page footer since I want the logo to appear on the bottom of the report.

The problem is, the report is setup to go to 2 pages. I basically only want the page footer on the first page. Can this be accomplished? If so, can you tell me how to have the page footer display only on the first of 2 pages?


The report is basically a 2 page letter that is sent out to 75,000 different students. I want the school logo at the bottom of the first page of each student letter. I do not want the school logo to appear on the second page of the school letter.

Basically the report will be printed on both sides of the same paper and followed in half. The second page of the letter contains only the mailing address information.

Thus can you tell me how to specifically solve this issue?