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Ssrs 2008 formatting within an expression

In an existing ssrs 2008 report, I need to change the wording of an expression that needs to be written in Spanish. This is referring to August 1 in Spanish. I need to say '1ro de agosto'. The 1ro needs to be raised like people say 1st where the st is raise in the 1st expression. The 1ro needs to be raised in the same way. Thus can you tell me how to setup this formatting?

The intuitive thing to do would be to create a placeholder in the text box and use HTML, but the last time I checked, SSRS HTML didn't support the superscript and subscript tags. Couple of alternatives are here and here.

When I had to do this (about a year ago), I used the former. The second method seems simpler, but I didn't see it at the time.

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