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Ssrs 2008 displays field value incorrectly


In a new ssrs 2008 report that I am working on the following sql works correctly in sql management studio:

select convert(char(08),convert(char(04),(TC.endYear - 1)) + '-' + substring(convert(char(04),TC.endYear),3,2)) as 'Transcript School Year' from [test].[dbo].[TranscriptCourse] TC

The results display like '2015-16' which is what I want.

However from the SSRS report I obtain the value of either 2016 or #ERROR depending on how many columns I displayed. For the run I am going the endYear value does equal 2016. Thus can you tell me how to change the ssrs 2008 report so that the value of '2015-16' is displayed?


If you are getting TC.endYear as a one of the columns in your dataset, and and if your column name is endYear, use an expression like this (or something similar to it)


If you are doing the conversion and formatting the string in SQL and returning that as a column in your data set, and if you are using that column to display, I don't know why you are getting an error. You should not.


Thanks your answer worked!