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Ssrs 2008 display of address


I am creating a new SSRS 2008 report and I am placing an return address in the report. The Address will look like the following:

Request Office
Tim Smith
123 test ave
Wahoo, NE 68109

I have placed this information in a table since the data will line up nicely. However the problem is that the the address looks 'double' spaced instead of 'single' spaced. I want this address to appear in an envelope where the entire address can be displayed in a clear plastic section of the envelope.

Right now the address looks 'double' spaced which causes the entire address to not be displayed fully in the 'clear plastic' area of the envelope.

I have tried to make the width of the lines of the table narrower but that does not help.

Thus can you tell me what I can do with this table?

Should I display the address in several textboxes right next to each other? **Note the address information comes from the sql server database.

Thus can you tell me how to fix my problem and give me directions on how to use the method that you recommend?


found answer. set parameter to not grows.