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Ssrs 2008 dependent parameter values


In a new SSRS 2008 report, I want to add the following logic to a parameter called 'Inventory Date'. Right now I default the Inventory date to today's date. What happens on this ssrs report is one customer or all customers can be selected based upon a parameter called 'customer selection'. If one particular customer is selected, then I display all the applicable customers in a parameter called 'customers'. Then based upon the customer that is selected I want to display all the Inventory Dates that are applicable to that customer. If all customers are selected, then only today's date will be displayed.

Thus would you tell me how to setup this logic in an ssrs 2008 report?


Could you please tell me the expected values of customer selection parameter


The values for the customer selection parameter will be either all customers or one customer. The default value for this parameter will be to select all customers. Basically all customers will have an integer value of 0 and one customer will have an integer value of 1. The default value will be set to 0. If the selection made here is for one customer, then another parameter will display all the customers that can be selected.


You can use "cascading parameters" to implement this. This page has a tutorial.