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Ssrs 2008 default parameter value


In a new SSRS 2008, I have a parameter that selects a list of customers based upon an sql statement (no hard coded values).
I have setup the parameter to be multi-valued so that more than one customer can be selected at one time. However, the user would like all cuatomers to be selected. Thus would you tell me how to accomplish this goal?


I've used a fake value such as "-All-" in the dropdown list. Then in the stored procedure code, I grab all data if incoming parameter value is -All-.

I add -All- to the list in the query that creates the list, such as SELECT '-All-' UNION SELECT blah FROM table1 WHERE...


Since this is a multi-valued parameter, don't you already have a "Select All" option at the top of the list? Make sure you have the "Allow multiple values" option checked.