SSMS Shutdown and Settings

I am using SSMS 17.9.1 but I have seen this behavior in many versions prior to that.

I have found that if SSMS is shut down outside of the "normal" way of exiting such as File, Exit or the various flavors of the "close" button, I lose all settings such as status bar color for different connections, custom keyboard mappings, tab settings, etc. An annoyance yes, but nothing that can't be restored after about 10 minutes of trying to remember what was done previously. This behavior is most often seen if Task Manager is needed to close the application or the machine is shut down without ceremony which I agree is undesirable but required at times.

Is there any way to "export" or store settings for SSMS in the event this happens again? Even better, is there any way to store settings which can be stored in source control and then loaded on each load of SSMS? I didn't see anything related to SSMS command line switches.

Any thoughts are welcome and I appreciate your time and consideration.

In the menu, see Tools > Import and Export Settings.

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So simple I feel ashamed. Thanks for the assistance!