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SSMS Keyboard Shortcut Results Pane Size


I LOVE using the keyboard for as much as I can in SSMS. I use the CTRL-R shortcut to hide the results pane all the time. One annoying thing though is that the results will take half of the page by default after the first execution. Yes I know I can use the mouse to re-size it but that is less efficient. Does anyone know of a way to use the keyboard to size the results pane? I have searched Google and gone through the options and customize menu in SSMS but couldn't find anything "obvious."

Any suggestions are appreciated!


There is no way in keyboard i guess. I have read the keyboard shortcuts but no clue for this



In the past I had the result pane go to its own tab. This makes it full page and you can use the F6 button to switch between.

If this is of interest to you see Tools/Options/Query Results/Results to Grid
then select "Display results in a separate tab".


Thank you all for the responses.