SSMS Error

Facing this issue.
Installed SQL 2014 standard edition.log file shows successfull installation.I am able to connect to the server via SQLCMD.
But when i open SSMS I am getting the below error:

How f'ing useless is that? Ask for your money back and tell MS that you are off to Oracle ...

Right royally pisses me off when a Vendor chucks crap error messages in their code like that. You could well spend DAYS of your time tracking down a solution ...

(Good job I don't feel strongly about this, eh?!!)

That said, anything in the LOG files that sheds light on it?

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Check environment value for Temp and TMP.

C:\Users\buck>set t



Make sure the directory listed exist there and you have
permission to write to that directory. Or, through the
control panel (Control Panel-> System & Security-> System ->
Advanced system settings), change the default directories assigned to TEMP and TMP.
Hope, This may help you.

Unfortunately there is nothing in the log file that is helping.

Hello Jason,
Did you face this issue before and applied the suggested solution?
I have already tried this without luck :frowning:

I had this one a while back, and the answer isn't necessarily what you'd expect. This error message often crops up when your connection string is wrong.