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SSMS Docking Configuration

My SSMS environment has gotten into a strange mode of operation and I don't know how to return it to normalcy. The standard configuration has a window for Object Explorer on one side and the main window for the SQL scripts on the other. When I open a new SQL script it gets automatically docked/tabbed with the Object Explorer. When I attempt to dock the Find/Replace window below the Object Explorer, it only docks it so that it spans the entire screen; not just below the Object Explorer. Also, normally when you drag a window the docking icon that appears is a small cross whose points define where to dock. Now I get an elongated cross which, I believe, is why the Find/Replace window gets pushed to the far bottom of the screen. I have attempted to find the right combination of items under the Tools menu but, so far, no joy.
Has anyone run into this or have any idea how to correct it?

I get this now and again.

I normally return to the default settings by going Windows|Reset Window Layout

Thank-you. It worked like a charm.