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SSMS add local execution time to messages tab


I'm working with a series of stored procedures that I'm updating and testing. When I run the ALTER statement, the Messages tab just says: Command(s) completed successfully.

Is there any way to get a timestamp to show up there so I know when I actually ran the update?

Sometimes I'll make a change to multiple SP's and then run a test which takes some time to run and then I'm not 100% sure I've applied the updates I've made and I'll have to apply and run the test again. If the Messages had a timestamp on there, then I could know when I last executed.


From the SSMS menu bar you can go to the Project -> Miscellaneous Files Properties...
From there you can find the Elapsed time and Finish time.
I thought that there was a way to modify the layout of the status bar to include the Finish time but I can't find those details.


That finish time is exactly what I'm looking for. I guess I can pin the properties window and auto-hide it so I only look at it when I want to. I'd still like to add it to the message tab, or some other main window location, but this will work.

Thanks for the heads up.


In Object Explorer - you can add the Modified Date column in the stored procedures folder. You can then look there to see the last time the procedures were modified.