SSMS Activity Monitor stays in Paused State

When opening SSMS Activity Monitor the state automatically changes to Paused. Right click and resume does not change the paused status. You can minimize the Overview and open Processes then resume and this works.

The small Icon on SQL Cylinder in Object Explorer shows a white question mark in a blue circle. This should be a green play Icon.

This does not occur when connected to the server via RDC.

All researched suggested solutions to this issue have failed.

This seems to be firewall related but all required ports are available. We have turned off the firewall and that did not change this behavior.

An outside monitoring tool also failed reporting The RPC Server is unavailable. This is connecting to the \Server\root\cimv2 namespace which is setup with correct security settings.

DCOMCNFG setting are correct.

Wmimgmt.msc settings are correct.

Firewall ports are correct.

This issue started out of the blue with no known changes being made to the server.

Does anyone have any suggestions for resolving this issue?